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Who Do YOU Want Planning Your Prom?

By: Molly Wilson and Claire Binford


One of the most misunderstood ideas about being a class officer is that it's a popularity contest. This is not true. Being a class officer comes with a lot of responsibilities, and it is up to the student body to vote for who they think will do a good job, rather than voting for their friends. When speaking to the junior class president, Tate Luckey, he said that a class officer, “...must be a good communicator, must know the goals they have for that year and what they're trying to accomplish, and that they must be able to anticipate how that specific class will react to certain decisions.”

Class officers are in charge of raising money, preparing their class for pep rallies, and eventually planning the classes' junior and senior prom.  They need to be available to stay after school and put in the time and dedication to their role as a class

officer. If your friend is always busy or never takes his/her projects seriously, then maybe they're not right for the position as a class officer. As a class officer, it is their job to decorate events, help tear down afterwards, be a voice for their classmates when it comes to decision making, get people involved in fundraisers, and, most importantly, represent their class in a positive way.

Being a class officer is a lot of work, but it can also be very rewarding for those up to the challenge. They get a say in what events happen during their four years, how their class is represented at the pep rallies, and how their class is ultimately remembered. If you want to be involved in this and more, class office might be for you.

So how do you become a class officer? It varies by year, but it usually consists of filling out an application, preparing and presenting your reasons why you should be a class officer, and campaigning.

The seniors just finished their elections. Jenny Bryant, Daniel Myers, Brooke Billiter, and Trinity Johnson were elected as the Class of 2019's class officers. To get their name on the ballot they first had to visit Mr. Steier, the senior class 

sponsor, and submit a video detailing their platform and why they would be a capable class officer. These videos can all be found on the TheBrooknBreck twitter account (@TheBrookNBreck). The videos were shown in senior english classes where each student could vote for one candidate. The votes were counted and four new class officers were chosen.

The Junior Class of 2020 held their elections at the end of last year, where Tate Luckey, Emma Carlton, Shraddha Patel, Tyler Humphrey, and LaMartay Gwen were selected. They had a similar process to the seniors, each making a video that was shown in the english classes.

The Freshman Class of 2022 is now beginning the process of finding their class officers. One of their class sponsors, Mr. Youngman, explained how class officers will be appointed, “You have to fill out an application, get recommendations from teachers, you have to show up and give a one to one and a half minute speech.” The speeches will be posted on the TheBrooknBreck Youtube channel for the students to view. Voting should take place the 7th of September.
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