Two Pearls in the Storm

By: Taylor Smith

Male’s students have a wide variety of plans after the graduate. However, seniors Logan Hayes and Asher Lynn, have a plan unlike any other: they are going to canoe down the Ohio River to the Gulf of Mexico.

This idea to canoe down the Ohio came from their interest in canoeing together by Lynn’s house and an idea to “keep going down the river,” says Hayes. Lynn added, “It’s always been a dream of mine to go on the trip, but I have never been motivated to do it until this year, and I’m excited for the adventure.”

At times, it seemed that it was destined for the two seniors to take the trip as they “found the second canoe in a tree,” says Lynn. He adds, “I am currently working to fix it up because it has some holes in it. The plan is to connect that canoe to my canoe and make a catamaran. We also have a motor we can use.”

While their time frame isn’t exactly set, they plan to leave “in the weeks after graduation.” Hayes continues, “We mapped it out and it should only take about two, maybe three, weeks. We are going to stop in all of the major cities along the way too.”

Through the entire trip, they will travel about 924 miles, and have mapped out how fast they need to go to get done in time. Lynn added, “We should be going about 10-15 miles an hour with the motor behind us and the current will push us too. That’s pretty fast but it should be okay.” Once they get to their final river city, New Orleans, they plan to “get a hotel room, rent a U-Haul, and drive [their] canoes back home.”

Many people are concerned about the safety of these two seniors, but they are taking “every safety precaution they can.” Lynn commented, “we are bringing life jackets and a satellite phone so we can call someone.” They are also planning on bringing “solar powered backpacks to charge phones or any other equipment.” They have mapped out cities along the river as well, just in case they need to go into town.

Even with the safety precautions they are putting in place, Hayes still acknowledges, “there is a lot to be nervous about. We could run out of food, it could fall apart and we could be stranded. Me and Asher also like to get into fights a lot.” He clarifies that although there is many things to worry about, it is outweighed by all the exciting things. For Hayes, it’s “definitely the adventure and getting to experience something like this.”

While many seniors plan to spend their summers enjoying the last few months with their friends and family before college, Logan and Asher are planning to experience a trip that very few will. As Hayes said, “It’s going to be fun and it’s going to be something we will never forget.”



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