Throwing Away the Sports Norm

By: Hannah Huff

Football, basketball, soccer, and more. Those are the main sports you hear about consistently throughout high school. However, shot putting is on the rise at Male High School.

“Shot put is where you take a 12 pound ball [for guys] or an eight pound ball [for girls] and use a combination of your momentum and strength to throw that ball as far as you can without it going outside the boundaries and without stepping out of the ring”, states Ryan Sims (11).

The season has just started but the expectations are high and want nothing but the best.

Chris Malala (12) says, “Shot put is not a very popular sport, but this year we got a lot of new people, such as myself, who have set the bar pretty high. So I expect a lot out of my team this year.”

Last year, the team won the state championship, and they “expect to win back to back state championships” says DJ Bross (11).

However, achieving this won’t be easy. The team is preparing with strong motivation and dedication.

Malala states, “Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we practice throwing over and over again. Repetition is key and it allows us to fix problems. Tuesday and Thursday we do weightlifting in the beginning and back to throwing again.”

He continues, saying, “My goal for myself is to improve each time I throw. Every day I hope to be better than the last.”

Bross adds, “We prepare by just getting better everyday and pushing ourselves to get better so that we can score points every meet.”

Along with their preparation and commitment to bettering themselves to achieve their goal, they have a special teammate that accompanies them every step of the way.

DJ Tucker “is great,” says Bross. “He comes out to practice with us every other day and brings joy to the other shot putters. We think of him as part of the family and he’s just really fun to be around”

Sims agrees, stating, “I think having DJ on the team is great because he has an opportunity to do what he loves and continue getting better at it, regardless of disability and he’s able to be part of family where we encourage him and cheer for him at every practice and meet.”

Malala adds, “When I first saw that DJ was practicing with us, I was really excited. I find it realy cool that they brought him in, and it’s been a great experience practicing with him and seeing him throw at meets. It is inspirational to me, as well, to see him right next to all of us and learning the sport just like we are.”

It’s obvious that Male is a unique place, giving unique opportunities. They team has been successful thus far in their season. Let’s continue the Male High legacy: Anyone can, but Male does!



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