The Bulldogs Have Found a New Voice

By Tate Luckey, Molly Wilson, and Sarah Malone


From April 23rd to the 25th, the Actors Theatre of Louisville hosted the 14th

annual “New Voices” Program, which showcases 8 plays written by high school students around Kentucky and Louisville. 836 students submitted plays, and among the 8 finalists chosen 2 were from Male:

Junior’s Sarah Sandfort and TheBrooknBreck’s own Claire Binford. After attending the plays, we decided to interview the young playwrights, who are a part of Mrs. Howell’s Creative Writing class.


Sarah’s play, entitled Sickcom, is about 2 guys trying to hide a dead body in a sitcom type show. Her inspiration came from shows like  Friends, and the fact that whenever someone is hurt in these kinds of shows it’s just blown off. Sarah decided “Well, what if the didn’t. What if it was like reality.” During rehearsals, she says the actors were very open and friendly with a pretty inviting atmosphere. She was very involved with editing her dialogue and helping with the scenes, or slashing certain jokes that were considered “risque”. She enjoyed watching the audiences faces and reactions to her jokes. Mrs. Howell noted too that overall she’s seen Sar

ah become more comfortable and open with her writing “She takes more risks and really is an incredible writer to begin with.


Claire’s play, entitled What’s More Important is about a girl who has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Her OCD is personified and is always present . It was inspired by the fact that she herself has OCD. “It’s a very hard thing to write about.” The actors only had about 14 hours of rehearsal, but they were still very considerate when it came to her approval of certain details of her play. When asked about Mrs. Howell and how she helped her, Claire

replied “She’s just the best, she’s very supportive in what we write and care about and she’ll ask questions about [your play] or give opinions when you need it.

” In fact, on opening night a retired mental health professional asked her about the play and thanked her for writing it, “That what was a really big deal to me. I wanted to make OCD better understood and I loved that someone found it really important. Stuff like that made an impact that was a really big deal to me.


While the performances of the plays are finished for the year, you can eventually catch them on the Actor’s Theatre of Louisville Youtube channel.



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