Ten Pins and Eighteen Holes

By: Hannah Huff

“He is probably one of the best-unknown athletes we’ve got at Male,” comments Mr. Lenhart. Nathan Werner is a junior here at Male High, and has some amazing talent at the sports he plays.

Werner has been playing for Male’s bowling team for two and a half years since he started as a freshman. “Since 4th grade I would occasionally go bowling every new and then for fun. When it was the beginning of my freshman year, however, my parents informed me that there was a bowling team for Male. They thought I would really enjoy it since I had a passion for bowling. So I went to one of the informational meetings to see for myself. After the meeting, I decided to join the team and I’ve liked it very much ever since,” said Werner.

Although he hasn’t won any awards for his bowling, he has still made some great accomplishments. Werner said, “The best score that I’ve bowled was a 257. I had seven strikes in a row, followed by a spare, strike, spare, and ending off with another strike. The biggest accomplishment I achieved in bowling was that I became a more consistent bowler and I developed better leadership skills amongst the team.”

But being really good doesn’t make him self centered. “The team support helps build my confidence and develops a good sense of comradeship amongst the people on the team. I strive to do the best for myself and the team.”

Not only does he play for the bowling team, but also for Male’s Golf Team. “I’ve been playing golf for around five years since I started when I was in middle school,” comments Werner.

His best score was an 81, or nine over par, at Seneca Golf Course. But for Nathan, the game isn’t just about the score, it is about helping others be the best they can be.

“My biggest accomplishment in golf was being able to teach kids on how to play golf at the first tee program at Seneca Golf Course. This amazing experience helped build by confidence in my golf game,” said Werner.
Athletes always have their own pregame ritual. For Werner, it’s simple. For him, he hits “around 20 shots on the practice range and then practice putts ranging from three to nine feet on the practice green.” This helps him become warmed up and ready to take on the competition.

We all have our niche. Some are for art, others are for the best-known sports. But for Werner, it’s for a sport that has been in his life for a long time and is passionate about. We may not hear about Werner, but we should be aware of him, being one of the best-unknown athletes here at Dear Old High School.





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