Summer 2K17

By: Alec Elmore

The year is coming towards its end and the students of Male High are extremely excited to start their summer of relaxation. Here’s a look into how our students are going to be spending their summer.

With college on its way and payments to pay, junior Hannah Gittings quickly replied, “Working, booooooy! I work at Kentucky Kingdom in the games department and I absolutely love it, plus the money is great!”

Outgoing senior Alex Cummins and Macey Chinn both said, “I’m most excited for our graduation party. It’s going to be great to celebrate with all of our friends and family.”

Junior Rachaell Scott was excited to say, “Me and my girl, Leah, are going to live it up in a beach house for about a week. I’m so excited to spend time at the beach with one of my best friends!”

One of our GSP acceptees, junior Megan Coomes, said, “I’m so excited for this experience. I cannot wait to meet all these new people and have a life changing experience on a college campus!”

Freshman Olivia Harris explained her numerous plans for the summer: “I’m super excited for Bible & Beach, Forecastle, and making a lot of money. I think I’m most excited about waking up after the sun comes up!”

Some students enjoy more of the relaxed and unplanned summer. Junior Ashley Shreeve nonchalantly answered, “I’m probably going to Florida or something. I’m sure some kind of vacation.”

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, sleeping in late, and relaxing before the next school year.

The students of Male have their unique ways of spending the summer, but as long as you comeback refreshed to start the next year, it was a summer well spent.