Students with Unique Pets

By: Carley Perkins

Student Name: Isabelle Wharton (12)

Pet names: Carol, Loretta, Nugget, Chicken, Henny, and Penny

Unique Characteristics: “They always stay together and if one gets separated they will call out for the rest of the group. They also really love my mom when she comes outside they always come running” according to Wharton.

A special memory: “ I have a picture with my chicken Carol from last years prom to this years” said Wharton.

Wharton added “My chickens are like dogs to me, they let us pet / hold them and they respond to their names. They are part of the family the same way that dogs are for people.”



Student name: Xander Havens (11)

Pet names: Scarlett (Lizard) and Rico (Hedgehog)

Unique Characteristics: “Both of them are really nice but Rico is shy and likes to lick his quills. Scarlett would lay unfertilized eggs sometimes” according to Havens.

Havens added “Scarlett was the first big responsibility for me. She was basically the first thing I truly had to take care of on my own. I have grown such a strong connection with Rico and Scarlett over the years.”    



Student Name: Taylor Smith (12)

Pet name: Crush (like from Finding Nemo)

Unique Characteristics: “He is blind in one eye so he runs into the walls a lot” according to Smith.

A cool memory: “An interesting memory would definitely be when we found out he was half blind. He kept swimming into the walls so I took him out and tried to feed him and he would turn in a circle until he found the food. I pretended that I taught him to circle as a trick for a little bit.”

Smith added, “Crush was my only pet for a long time and he does some really funny things, so he definitely makes me smile and can make my bad days better.”  



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