School Spirit is Dead

By: Carley Perkins

School spirit at Male High School is dead. Students don’t join pep club, cheer at football games, or go in the hallway on Fridays to sing the school song, because not everyone takes pride in our high school.

Male has had a severe lack of school spirit among the student body over the last 2 years. Alec Elmore (12) comments, “There is a lack of school spirit compared to when I first started here. It used to be cool to love Male like being a senior and cheering on Male but since the class of 2016 left, it’s been slowly deteriorating. Also, I think there isn’t that much school spirit coming from the lower classmen.”  

One of the biggest problems students are facing during football games is the lack of cheering and excitement coming from the Dawg Pound.

Male alumnus, Lukas Caraway, tweeted, “ I’ve been to a couple of big Male games since I’ve graduated in 2016. I have been disappointed in the Dawg Pound. “

Not only do seniors feel a change in school spirit, but under classmen do as well. There is a wide majority of people who are found on their phone the entire time, or not cheering at all. Some students even go to the cafeteria instead of the pep rally.

Destiny Patterson (9) commented, “I feel like people who don’t cheer aren’t as social as everyone else but you have to respect people for who they are.”

JaWuan Usher (9) agrees that not everyone can get really loud and excited at football games, but he thinks “[the students] should still try to put some effort into cheering on [their] school and showing school pride.”

If you only get one hour out of the school day every once in awhile to come together as a school to cheer on the team, that should mean more to you than just checking your phone. During Male v. Manual week, everyday has a different theme, so you can dress up all week long showing your school spirit.

Most people’s idea of going ‘all out’ is putting on a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. Elmore said, “It used to be cool to go all out on Male v. Manual week, but that’s just not there anymore.”

One of the biggest traditions at Louisville Male High School is singing the school song every Friday, but lately a majority of students sit in their classrooms.

Most of the time students don’t want to sing the song because they are either working on classwork or homework, or they simply just don’t care. Miranda Bingham (11) agrees, “ Not going out to do the song is causing Male to lose one of its major traditions. Tradition is something we want to uphold at our school.”

School spirit is gone and from the looks of it, it’s not coming back.   

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