Remarking Parking

By: Tate Luckey and Sarah Malone

For many students across the nation, one of the best parts of high-school is turning 16 and finally getting your driving permit. Getting a car itself might require a bit of work, but there’s that exciting reality that at some point you’ll be able to drive to school and have the perfect chance to really stunt on your friends with your new set of wheels.

Here at Louisville Male, once you have your restricted drivers license you can register and pay for a parking pass to park in our multiple parking lots; however, for some students, and teachers too, it’s been a bit of a struggle.

Dr. Jury sent out an email to all students and teachers to detail a new plan for parking and traffic around school. The main source of this new plan was the fact that the Attorney General wouldn’t allow a crossing guard at the intersection near school because there’s not enough “foot traffic” around the school.

After interviewing him for a few clarifications about the email, it was learned that for students who have to walk far or end up late because of traffic in the carpool line don’t need to stress too much. “It won’t be counted as tardy [however] we don’t want students to take advantage of the situation if they wake up late. We will be out there watching and will be able to determine if students should have enough time to get to class after getting through the carpool line.” The administrators are hopeful that they will also be able to coach people coming in to the school and that people will hold themselves accountable in following this new process.

Samuel Hosbach (11), who’s in our JROTC program, got his parking pass during the first week of school. He said the new email guidelines and driving to school has become inconvenient for him since he has to be here by 6:15 AM and ends up parking all the way in Gheens. Put two and two together, and he has to walk pretty far at an extremely early time. Both he and Alex Davies (11) agree that there’s no one really outside to enforce the email’s rules. As Alex put it, “There’s no accountability.”

Dr Jury, however, argues that “We’re not set up to be traffic police, however, if [the situation] gets be to be dangerous, we can do some things to keep them off campus, but we [as administrators] aren’t set up to be the cops”. After talking to those two and Dr. Jury, Sarah and I realized we were forgetting a core component of our school body: the teachers.

Some teachers, however, our core component of Male, are having to overcome the same obstacles as students are, as well.

Mr. Poore, who parks in the front, says the whole dilemma surrounding parking doesn’t really affect him. He says it mainly affects those who park in the back. As a student here the main issue he’s seen over the years is that there is an increase in class size, “If they keep increasing the amount of students, it’s gonna be chaos.”

He, like Alex, also doubts that there’s a way to enforce the new guidelines. He notes, however, that “In all [his] years of being here, I’ve never seen anyone’s car get towed…”, so students aren’t trying to be intentionally malicious in their parking intentions.

Mrs. Powell and Mrs. Kirby have a different opinion. They teach French over in the Gheens building, and so for them parking has become a major hassle. Mrs. Kirby stated “If you don’t get here before 7 A.M., you have a dilemma, it’s crowded. And you have to wait for so long…” Mrs.Powell agreed, adding, “Where as last year I could leave by 6:50 A.M. and be here in about 10 minutes, now my life is now all about timing.”

It certainly doesn’t help that the construction that started back in early 2018 is still going on, which could put people’s cars at risk. Gheens gets the short stick so much in fact, that Mrs.Powell had to put in a request herself, using the Louisville Metro app for a left turn arrow at the traffic lights coming out of Gheens. It currently is being considered, “It’s a nightmare because of traffic on Preston [but] something’s in the works, apparently” states Mrs. Powell.

It’s clear that parking at Male is a very popular, yet a very dangerous game. It may be exciting for the students to finally have that rite of passage to drive, but for teachers and those over in Gheens it can be a bit unsafe. While Male has addressed the issue as best they can, it’s clear that there’s still a lot to be resolved.


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