On the Wave of Winning

By: Hannah Huff

The batter sets up, his cleats digging into the dirt, creating his perfect stance. The baseball comes rushing at him and he hits it as hard as he can. It speeds through the air, going farther and farther, over the fence, and into.. a palm tree?

The Varsity Baseball team took a trip to Myrtle Beach over Spring Break at The Ripken Experience.

Dylan Wilson (12) said, “It was a relief to finally play some games in nice weather. It felt great to be on the field with the guys and playing the game we love as a team.”

The guys played five games, winning three and losing two.

Jakob Bingham (11) commented, “Although we wanted to win every game, one of our main focuses was to play loose. We played well in the end, but there are some things we need to work on in the season.”

Jake Bratcher (10) agrees, saying, “We played well in each game. The team worked well together overall but there are some things that need to be fixed in the season.”

The team bonded during the trip on and off the field.

Bratcher said, “We grew as a team and as friends. I think this trip helped us create a bond that we can use in games and outside of baseball. It will help us during the season and make us a better team overall.”

As the season goes on, they are more prepared and ready to take on any challenge ahead of them.

During the tournament, the team did “hit some speed bumps in some games.” But Wilson knows that those will only help them in the future season.

Although there were no rankings in the tournament, Bingham and Bratcher both agree that the team was “competitive” and “one of the best teams there.”

The boys are working hard towards their next game and are taking everything they acquired from the tournament into their upcoming games.

Wilson added, “My goal for the team is to take what we learned from Spring Break and contribute that into our season. It was a learning experience for everyone, and I hope the team continues to achieve its goals and strives to be the very best there is.”



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