Mrs. Shumate

By: Lila Berger


Male High is a prime example of a school that has a variety of amazing teachers which make the school great. One of these teachers is Mrs. Shumate. Not only does Mrs. Shumate teach Chemistry here at Male and sponsor the field hockey program, but she also is the head of the Science Department.

Mrs. Shumate is obviously very involved with the school, saying, “I love the school spirit. There’s not another high school like it. Being an alum, I know what a special experience it was for me to be at Male.”

When asked about her experience as a student here at Male, she explained, “With great teachers, wonderful friends, and so many activities to be involved in, I couldn’t have asked for a better four years. It was very exciting to have an opportunity to come back to Male to teach and coach.”

Mrs. Shumate teaches chemistry here at Male High. When asked why she became a teacher, she responded, “I enjoyed science and thought about going to pharmacy school. I had always helped in [Vacation Bible School] and taught [and] worked with youth at my church. My father was a teacher so I knew some of what to expect from the career.”

Mrs. Shumate goes on to explain her love for teaching and coaching by saying, “As I was playing field hockey at UofL, I began thinking more about coaching and felt called that teaching was for me because I could have an impact on students.”

Mrs. Shumate’s teacher aide Katelyn Rapson has played field hockey all for years at Male, and explains, “Shumate never fails to help someone whenever they need it; her door’s always open.”

As well as teaching chemistry, Mrs. Shumate stays extremely busy helping out the field hockey program. “I’m gifted in administration so I’m happy to help Coach Pierce with that aspect of the program,” she says.

Mrs. Shumate stays after almost every day during the season and allows all of the underclassmen hockey girls to stay in her room until practice starts. “I love to still be around the sport and watch the players grow, develop, and compete. I enjoy interacting with the players in the classroom and in study hall. They have such great personalities.”

One of the players who has been especially influenced by Mrs. Shumate is senior field hockey player Kaylyn Hudson. Hudson explains, “Shumate is like my mom at school! She’s always looking out for me.”

Mrs. Shumate is not only a wonderful teacher and coach at Male High, but a valuable member of our school community, and a huge influence on those she comes across.