Male’s Got Talent

By: Trevor Webb

On Thursday, April 19, Louisville Male High School hosted a talent show for students of all grades, and all talents. Throughout the past two weeks, the Male High School Band, who hosted the talent show as a fundraiser, participated in doing sign ups at lunch for the talent show auditions alongside setting up the actual event.  

Students at Male worked hard in preparation, aware of the fact that not every individual that participated in the auditions would be able to actually perform at the talent show that occurred on April 19.

Luke Anderson (12) stated, “they still took a decent amount of people,” and Anderson was one of the students who performed on Thursday in the talent show.

Anderson also added that “the talent show used to be a big thing before our time and everyone wanted to be chosen,” so there was a lot of anticipation for this event that helped promote it even more.

Ryan Ackermann (12) says, “I think the talent show was an awesome opportunity for students to express themselves and receive support from their peers.” The talent show gave the school an event that connects students from all classes at Male High, which Ackermann adds, “we could use a lot more of.”

The Talent Show consisted of judges such as Ms. Carson, Mr. Gibson, and another judge who was a previous teacher at YPAS.  The winner of the talent show on Thursday night also received a one hundred dollar cash prize which made it even more rewarding for those who participated.

The talent show was a fun, family event where students could showcase their skills and bring students from Male together. “It felt nice to be able to hangout with my friends even on a school night.” said Carley Perkins (11) who was able to attend the event. The Louisville Male High School Talent Show is something that will hopefully stick around for the future, and become a tradition again like it used to be back in the day. Congrats to all the talented acts!



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