Hit the Beach

By: Carley Perkins

For most, spring Break is a time for relaxing and having fun, but for Male’s softball team, it was a time of hard work and dedication. While on spring break, the girls on the softball team grew closer, making their bonds with one another even stronger. 

Madison Page (12) said, “My favorite thing about going to Destin was being able to bond with the girls at the beach and on the field.  Also being able to learn more about them and getting to know them better than just teammates but as friends.”

Jaelyn Sanders (10) said, “The best thing about going to Destin with my team was the ride down and going to the beach just actually getting to know everybody truly.”

The competition in Florida this year was definitely tougher than the girls were used to.

Sanders added, “The competition was challenging because Male’s team didn’t even have 3 or 4 games before  Florida and it was hard for us to actually get used to playing with each other and knowing how one another plays on the field and how they act off the field.”

Lily Ackermann (12) said, “Our games didn’t go as well as usual. We won 1-3. This compared to years past, is not what’s expected from us. We hadn’t found our grit or our want to compete. Despite our loses, I felt that it was a good lesson for our younger teammates to see that losing sucks and that to win you need to have fight and determination which we lacked. Coming back from Spring Break we have found that passion needed to strive and continue the Male Softball legacy.”

For seniors, it was their last time traveling with the team before they graduate.

Page added, “Since I am a senior, I will miss playing with all of my teammates and friends that I have made for years now. I will miss the spring break trip that we take to Destin and having the opportunity to play some really good teams there, and just being able to have a little vacation with my friends but also play the game we love together.”

Ackermann added, “There is so much that I will miss. The surreal moments at the state tournaments, the ESPN plays, the countless friendships, and of course Coach Bloomer. The endless hours of practices are all worth it in the end because when it comes to the last game of senior year everything will be over and a new chapter of my life will begin.”



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