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Getting Ready for GSP 2018

By: Carley Perkins

Many juniors across Kentucky applied for the Governor Scholar Program (GSP.) If selected, these students have the opportunity of going to in-state college for free. After months of waiting, the applicants were finally chosen.  This year many juniors from Louisville Male High School were selected.

Miranda Bingham, Cassidy Manwell, and Bethany Hintz were just a few of the juniors that were selected this year.

The students were nothing but excited about getting chosen for GSP.

Cassidy Manwell (11)  said, “I'm most excited to meet new people and make lots of friends that have the same mindset as I do.”

Not only is GSP exciting but it can also cause students to be nervous.

Bethany Hintz (11) said, “I'm nervous about the classes I'm going to be assigned to but I'm sure I'll love them regardless.”

Miranda Bingham (11)  said, “I'm nervous about not having my family to lean on. I'm also anxious about being surrounded by so many new faces and being able to prove myself to all the super smart people that will be at GSP.”

 In addition to maintaining good grades and having a good ACT score, students in GSP must be involved in their community.

Hintz added, “I'm in SAM club, which is where I do a lot of volunteering. I'm heavily involved at my church as well, so I do lots of service work through it, like helping out in the nursery, greeting new people, and things like that.”

Bingham added, “ I volunteer at the Louisville Zoo, the Robley Rex VA Hospital, and Girl Scouts. I also did volunteer work at a horse stable for six years.”

This summer the students selected for GSP will go to a college campus and spend multiple weeks learning about what college life is like.

Hintz said, “I hope that I'll be able to learn a lot more about people that live in this state that are very different from me. I hope I will come home with an expanded worldview and a greater appreciation for other areas of Kentucky, not just Louisville.”


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