Elective Spotlight: Creative Writing

By: Trevor Webb

One particular class that is heard about a lot around Louisville Male High School is Mrs. Howell’s Creative Writing class. It is a class devoted to learning creative writing skills, while also learning how to develop yourself as an individual through your writing. Throughout the year, different topics are studied, including poetry, short stories, plays, nonfiction, and fiction. In October, Creative Writing students submit plays to the Actor’s Theatre One Act Play festival. The class also publishes a literary magazine at the end of the year as a reflection of how far they came that year with their writing.

The class has received many good reviews from its students, such as “It is a very expressive class, and everyone is supportive and focused on helping each other become better writers,” from Taylor Wood (12) and “It’s a place where you can explore the depths of your imagination with no limitations, you get to discover parts about who you are as both a person and a writer,” stated by Elisamuel Gierbolini Sanchez (11).

The class allows students to show who they truly are through their writing. “It gives me a safe place to be myself and express myself and I know I am not going to be judged,” says Savanna Taylor (11).

Sharing is also a huge part of the class, bringing the class together and making it a bonding experience. As Xander Havens (11) mentions, “I like that I get to express myself to other people that share similar feelings.” Jenna Howell (12) adds, “I look forward to hearing other people’s work because you can learn about someone’s personality through how they write.”

If you are looking for a future elective to take, Creative Writing may be of interest. There is an application that students may fill out at the end of the year, but students are encouraged to submit to the literary magazine even if they are not currently in the class. For the first semester this year, the Creative Writing class will be publishing a separate poetry book that students may submit to as well.

For many students, this class is more than just a 90 minute block. “Creative writing helps us understand that creativity deserves to live, breathe and prosper, no matter what environment you might be in,” says Elisamuel Gierbolini Sanchez (11), giving students just another reason why this class is a great choice.