Double Dog Dare

By: Hannah Huff

As the season approached the Lady Dogs, they weren’t concerned about how well they were going to play; they were more worried about if they received a coach. Luckily, someone stepped up and they are right on track.

Brent Pierce is mainly known for being the Male Varsity Field Hockey coach, but this year he is also taking on the title of the Lady Bulldogs Lacrosse coach. As the field hockey coach, he has lead the team through many tournament championships, and all winning seasons.

Jadyn Maze (12) stated, “I was extremely happy that we finally got a coach. I really wanted to have a senior lacrosse season. At first, I was a little scared because he had no experience with the sport but I was grateful for the fact that we actually had a coach.”

Sarah Sweeney (11), agrees, saying, “I was super excited when I found out we were getting a new coach. Finding out that Coach Pierce was our coach was a big weight off everyone’s shoulders and a step towards a successful season.”

The team has been working hard with Coach Pierce and has some great expectations for the season.

Courtney Justice (11) expects for the team to work together more and for all to be more conditioned. “My main goal is for our record to improve. As the season goes on, I think our team will provide more competition for the other teams than we have in the past.”

Sweeney commented, “This season we want to be successful. Pierce’s motto for us is to ‘be better than you were yesterday’ and everyday we come to practice and do just that.”

The team has been adjusting to the new coach idea very well and smoothly.

Maze says, “He conditions us everyday so I hope we can become faster than other teams. So far Pierce has been a great fit. He actually coaches us.”

Justice agrees, stating, “I think he is a good fit. The drills we do at practice are enjoyable but teach us game situations at the same time. We all enjoy him as a coach”

The Lady Dogs hope to continue to grow as a team and adjust more and more to the new coach. They have already won their first few games, wanting to continue the streak. Because even though anyone can, Male does.



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