Coming at Our Necks

By: Olivia Foley

Headaches, neck pains, or itchiness? If you have any of these symptoms you might be suffering from wearing a school lanyard.

The school has changed a lot this past 2018 school year. One of those is the school lanyards. The lanyards are to make the school a safer area to help identify students, but most students dislike them.

Breanna Bennett (11) states, “They aren’t comfortable. The glued edges are hard and if you move around a lot they start to become irritating and scratch the back of your neck.” Most students have found the solution of putting duck tape on the back of the lanyards, making them more customized to them.

       Besides the lanyards bright yellow attire, some students believe the ID’s are an issue. Abbie Jones (11) says, “If they [ID’s] were to be scannable to get into the school, it’d make much more sense for the safety aspect. Anyone could get a yellow lanyard and put ‘LMHS BULLDOGS’ on it.”

      Most students don’t understand why they can’t wear their own lanyards, or even a clip.

      The lanyards are apart of a new safety system for Male. Like other schools, Male students have to wear lanyards as apart of their dress code, or they’re given a detention.

Carley Perkins (12) weighs in her opinion, “They [lanyards] make our school more safe, but also they’re annoying to always have to wear.”

A lot of students have made fun of the lanyards as some students like to rip their friends lanyards off as a joke. David Kyser (12) sees this as a potential source of bullying, “Smaller underclassmen and students have to deal with the older and larger kids yanking and stealing their lanyards.”

Although the lanyards aren’t attractive, annoying, and itchy, they’re here to stay. In the next couple years, Male is changing for the better and for the safer.


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