Chain Gang

By: Claudia Quesada

From the beginning of Male High Football, chain crews have improved our football program and bring each game a new level of fandom. A select group of dedicated men, have taken to this unpaid, under-appreciated job. They are known as the Chain Gang: consisting of Mack Day, Larry Selby, Andy Wells, John Moser, and Tony Pearl.

The Chain Gang is responsible for the orange ten yard markers found on either side of the field. If you know anything about football, you may know that the chains help the fans and the players understand the game by measuring downs. According to Coach Kelsey, “ In order to have a high quality program, you have to have a top class quality chain crew.”

This component of their job is a very significant part of the game.
But their contribution does not end there. They are also the Football team’s number one fans. As senior football player Jeremy Gutterman says, “the Chain Gang’s support for our team is constant and I really do appreciate them.”

For these five men, pulling chains is more than just Friday night’s duty, it is something that they eagerly love to do. According to Mr. Selby, a member of this team, “I love to be a part of the game, it is so exciting to see the boys playing hard.”


The Chain Gang’s contribution is, without a doubt, a special component of our Friday night football games. Through their tireless hard work and commitment, they
are a part of Male High School Football. And the next time you see them, don’t hesitate to thank them for all that they do.