Bulldogs of Merit

By: Isabel Mitchell


It’s no secret that Male has a lot of hard-working and intelligent students. After meticulous grade maintenance balanced with extracurriculars, for two individuals, their hard-work has paid off.

Cameron Fontes and Makenzi Mulkins have earned the title of National Merit Finalists and the first National Merit Finalists from Male in many years. For Fontes, learning this fact “was very exciting, especially since one of my best friends got the honor too.”

By making it to the final ring of competition, these two will get many opportunities for other scholarships. In fact, Fontes has already received several huge scholarships. Mulkins added that “everyone [should] tell Fontes that he’s awesome and congratulations. He got National Merit and the Vogt scholarship and the presidential scholarship at WKU, which are all ridiculously awesome accomplishments.”

And for those wondering how they can be National Merit Finalists, the duo left some words of advice:

Cameron Fontes:

“I would definitely say even when application processes seem long or arduous, work hard and go through with them anyway because the reward is definitely worth the effort.”

Makenzi Mulkins:

“…work hard in school and stay involved. Make sure you take the PSAT seriously and keep your grades up to make semifinalist, but remember that extracurriculars will ultimately be what decides whether or not you make it to finalist.”

The moral of the story is to work hard and stay in school.

(Author’s Note: Neither interviewees were told what the other said, they’re just really sweet best friends.)