Bulldog Beat(z)

    By: Sarah Malone

  Throughout the halls of “Dear Old High School,” there are many gems who’s stories often go unnoticed. One of those gems being junior, Alex Thai. Alex, among our Bulldog family, is quickly becoming a well-known producer among local artists. In fact, without realizing it, you may have already heard some of his work. I decided to ask him a few questions to learn a bit more about his producing and who he produces for.

      How and when did you begin producing?

   “Last October, me and my friends found a free website to mess around on. We would work on it in accounting class and show each other what we made. After a while, I started working on my cracked, laptop screen and would use other people’s programs until I could afford my own.” Alex knows all about starting from the bottom and he has definitely put in the work to get where he is now. (In the picture to the right: Alex (left), BBlasian (right).)       

      Who do you produce beats for?       

“I produce for many Louisville artists including, BBlasian, Lil Sage, Lil Zayi, Wavy the King, Horace and Gaither.” He also produces for a Los Angeles artist, Bankrol Hayden and a Detroit artist, Snapdogg.

      How did you get in touch with the people you produce for?

 “While in New York on a band trip, I saw that Horace had tagged me under one of BBlasians’ posts about his need for a local producer. BBlasian messaged me on Instagram, asking to FaceTime. We exchanged numbers and while on FaceTime, he told me how he had liked some of my beats he had listened to. From there, we began working together. Everyone else started messing with me after I showcased my beats at this producer event.”

      What all is involved in producing?

Alex insists on the idea that producing is all about trying to build a song for the artist. He states  “You have to have the artist in mind and leave room for the artists’ own work. Producing is basically making beats and giving them to artists allowing them to put vocals on them.”   




      Where do you produce?

“I work in a studio on Fern Valley, but one of my artists did just recently perform at a concert at the Diamond Concert Hall.




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