BrooknBreck Staff at Prom

By: Claudia Quesada

Culminating the anticipation from the beginning of their high school careers, many of the BrooknBreck Staff Members attended the Louisville Male High Senior Prom. Located at the Hilton Seelbach Hotel, most students arrived fashionably late one hour after it began. Parking was quite a struggle however, due to its proximity to fourth street live but once our crew walked through the doors they began their magical evening at prom.

Senior Staff Member of the BrooknBreck, Aubrey Youngman comments that “Planning prom was a lot of work. We met every day after school the last three weeks leading up to prom and began planning all the way back at the end of junior year, but in the end it was all worth it to see everyone having fun and being able to enjoy a really nice senior prom for free.”

According to Julian Mundel (12), “The BrooknBreck Staff slayed at Prom.” During the four hours of it duration senior Trevor Webb claims that he  “took a lot of pictures, just over 500 to be exact.”

One staff member Erin Davis, a junior who was invited by her senior boyfriend, shares her unique perspective stating that “Senior prom was definitely way better than my junior prom. The music was better and the food was better. It was a lot more fun too.”

Trevor Webb adds that, “It’s always fun to spend time dancing with your classmates and seeing people outside of the traditional classroom setting.” Even though the dance floor was a little cramped and hot, the staff only cared about celebrating the end of their four years of high school and comradery for one of the last times together with their class. Dancing was another highlight of the night. Our staff knows how to bust them moves even when it means being in 91 degree.

Since our senior staff members were so involved in planning for this night, seeing their hard work being reaped by the senior students was the definitely heart warming. 


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