Blood, Sweat, and Tears: Brook ‘n’ Breck Edition

By: Allison Bradshaw


Flashback to August, a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. Through the past nine months, we have grown and changed in many ways, not just as individuals but Male as a whole. Male gained approximately twenty new teachers, celebrated two national merit finalists, and transformed a paper print newspaper into an award-winning online newspaper.

Male is known for tradition, and our school newspaper is no exception. For decades, The Brook ‘n’ Breck has graced the hands of students and teachers. But as society and generations become more technologically advanced, so must Male High. This year The Brook ‘n’ Breck underwent a facelift and transformed into a website.

To start the year, the journalism kids had a big task to tackle: they had to create a website from scratch. With the help of Jeff Bradshaw, the kids underwent a long and grueling process of figuring out the ins and outs of the technological world. They created a theme, color scheme, layout, and categories for the website, all of which took some time and debate in order to land on the right options for Male.

Along with creating and learning how to use the website, the journalism students also had to manage writing articles and taking appropriate pictures. Most of the kids are not photography geniuses, therefore they really had to put in effort and time to learn how to properly capture a moment in time. In addition, writing articles is not the same as writing an English paper; it took a lot of drafts and critiques in order for everyone to learn how to write from a journalistic perspective. With guest speakers like WDRB Education Reporter Toni Konz, the journalism kids transformed into journalists in no time.

Along with the new age of technology comes the topic of social media. The Brook ‘n’ Breck created Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube accounts in order to spread news and get the website launched. It took dedicated, responsible students to run these accounts at all times of the day–a task that is not easy nor simple.

Launching the website was not so easy either. We needed to spread the news about the website in order to get people to visit. There was only one way to launch the website properly: the embarrassment of the journalism kids. The students created Car-Parked Karaoke videos that were put on Youtube and played in front of the majority of the school. These videos encouraged people to visit the website in order to not only see an embarrassing video but also read the up to date articles.

After all of the hard work that journalism students put into this newspaper, The Brook ‘n’ Breck was submitted into a competition for the best online newspaper. After only being launched for two months, The Brook ‘n’ Breck took home second place at Western Kentucky University, beating many websites that have been launched for years. Believe it when they say that Male is full of the best and the brightest.

After a challenging yet fun year, thank you for all the support that you have showed to The Brook ‘n’ Breck. It only took some blood, sweat, and tears to create something that will leave a legacy at Male forever.