Batter Up

By: Erin Davis

“Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world.”-Babe Ruth.

Male’s baseball team has started out strong. After a few missed games due to weather, the dogs came back ready to win. So far, the team has beaten Ballard and KCD. They are practicing Monday through Friday, ready to take on anyone who gets in their way.

While the season is off to a great start, the team is still trying to work out some positions. Dylan Wilson (12) says, “We have the right mentality into games so far. We are still trying to figure out some spots to fill but with the talent we have and the competitive mindset, it’ll be a battle for those spots.”

This year, Male’s team gained a new coach, Coach Fiorella and he has given the players great encouragement. Jacob Bingham (11) states, “He has really challenged the team and made us stronger players. He’s a really great coach and I’m glad that I get to play for his team.” Matt Theilmann (11) agrees adding, “He’s great and has set a good example of enthusiasm.”

The baseball team is so excited for their season and expect great things. Theilmann says, “We are going to continue to improve and get better everyday. I expect many more wins and a championship ring on my finger.”

However, being on the team can be quite a commitment. Some players struggle balancing their school work and the practice and games. Bingham states, “Being able to manage my time has been hard. We have practice everyday until about 6:30 or 7:00, so being able to get work done can be difficult.”

Despite the struggles, the players love of the game is what keeps them going. Wilson declares, “To me, baseball is almost like a getaway vacation. It saves me from thinking about how stressful school can be and how busy it is. Practicing and playing games gets my mind off anything that’s been bothering me. Also, it lets me meet some really great athletes that are very good at baseball or just a great friend and teammate.”



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