Ask Brooke March Update

Hey Brooke,

I just took the school-wide ACT and it was so stressful! I felt nervous throughout the entire test and I’m scared that my nerves got the best of me. How can I prepare myself so I’m not so stressed the next time I take it?

Anxious student


Hello there!

The ACT is a stressful test but there are many resources that you can use to prepare for it. One thing you can get is the ACT prep booklet. It contains test taking tips about each section and practice tests. You can buy the book from any book store and there are a variety to choose from at different prices. Taking practice tests is a good way of preparing for the real one because the more you take it the more familiar it will become. After you’ve taken a practice test, do a bit of a self-assessment so you can see what kind of questions you missed the most. Then, create a schedule so you can study over the areas you’re the weakest at and set a goal for studying. Also, don’t forget to relax and breathe during the test because when you’re calm you will think much better.


Hey Brooke,

Prom is coming up quickly and I still need a date. I want to ask this guy to go with me but I’m scared to ask, what should I do?

Hello there!

Prom is an exciting dance that you attend to make memories with your friends and / or boyfriend or girlfriend. When asking someone to prom you might get anxious because you aren’t sure what their response will be. One tip would be asking the guy to go as friends so you don’t have to feel the pressure to go as a couple. This could make the night more fun because you wouldn’t have to worry about being in a relationship and you could have fun going as friends. Just remember when asking him stay calm and confident. This will show him that you know no matter what, you will still have an awesome night.

Hey Brooke,

Summer is so close but I’m struggling to stay motivated in school until then. How do I keep myself motivated?


The best way to stay motivated is to constantly remind yourself that it’s almost here. So tell yourself you can get through one more day.Keep having positive thoughts because this will make it easier for you to stay motivated and focused in school. Make sure you write your assignments down in a planner so you remember when things are due and when important dates are coming up. If you are going anywhere during the summer (like for vacation) use that as motivation to finish out the year strong.


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