Ask Brooke: April Update

Hey Brooke, my grades aren’t looking so good and it’s almost the end of the school year. What do I do to bring them up before summer?

Sincerely, A stressed student

Hello, stressed student! If you’re worried about your grades, I would start off by asking your teacher what you can do. Look at what categories you’re struggling in. If you’re struggling in tests, ask your teacher to help explain what you missed or see if they will stay after one day and help you. If you’re struggling in homework, see if you’re actually doing the homework or if you’re just not turning it in. There is still time to bring those grades up, just don’t stress and ask your teachers for help. Hope it works out!

-Brooke xoxo


Dear Brooke, summer is almost here which means finals are almost here. I’m worried I won’t do good on my tests and I’m worried I’m not studying correctly. What should I do?

From, A junior who wants this year over with

Hello junior, if you’re worried about your finals, ask your teachers. Finals are a stressful time for every student and can cause a lot of worry. To make sure you’re studying the correct material, ask your teachers beforehand if they have an idea of what is on the test. Start by making flash cards for any vocabulary you have. If you have a book from a class that you can write in, reread through the material and highlight key points. You want to make sure you understand every topic in your class before you move on to a next one. If you don’t understand, go to your teacher and ask for clarification. Make a study group with kids in your class and have a study date made. If you take the time to study what your teacher tells you to, you’ll do great.

-Brooke xoxo


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