Student Spotlight: Jenna Howell

By: Taylor Smith

Students at Male show a variety of talents, and senior Jenna Howell is no exception.

Howell has been playing softball since for as long as she can remember, and her love for the game has only gotten stronger. Howell added, “I started with tee ball when I was four years old, I instantly fell in love and have stuck with it ever since.”

Howell has started her senior season with a bang, or a few. She has had 14 home runs since the start of the season with the Bulldogs, and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. She plays shortstop and outfield this season.

Howell said she has been preparing for the season by “I did a lot of hitting practice and conditioning in the off season to make myself stronger. I worked really hard with my coaches to make sure that when the season started, I would be ready.”

Howell has committed to play softball at The University of the Cumberlands in the fall. Howell said she wanted to play in college because she has “always wanted to play after high school.” She adds, “I always admired college players and wanted to take myself to the next level like those girls. Also, I cant imagine my life without softball so I want to play as long as I possibly can.”

Not only is Howell an incredible athlete, but her academics are very important to her. She has maintained high academic standards throughout high school, and plans to continue to put school first through college as well.

Male students excel in all aspects, and Jenna Howell is an example of that. Howell is on her 14th home run of the season and is an asset to the Male High softball team, but there is undoubtedly more great things in her future.


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