10 Best Feelings About School That Everyone Can Relate To

By: Molly Wilson

  1. When you think you’ve failed a test and you end up getting a good grade


2. Talking to your friends after taking a test and they got the same answer as you


3.Waking up thinking it’s time for school, but then you look at the clock and you still have a few more hours to sleep


    4.When yoturn your worksheet over and it doesn’t have a back


  5.When you wake up and think you have to get ready for school, and then you realize...it’s a Saturday


6.When the teacher thinks you’re not paying attention so they call on you and you answer the question right


 7.Waking up for school and hearing your mom say, “Go back to sleep it’s a snow day”


  8.Finding money in your backpack that you forgot about


9.When all the all the questions on the test are multiple choice and there are no writing questions


10.When you and your best friend are put in the same group



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